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Harvest time at Durleighmarsh Farm! – Part 2 with Class HG

On Monday, we visited Alison at Durleighmarsh Farm. We wanted to find out from Alison about the crops grown at the farm this year. We knew it has been a ‘Bumper Harvest’ this year with many fruits and vegetables growing particularly well. We wanted to find out which crops had grown the best and anything Alison had noticed about the farm in general during this ‘special harvest year’.

Alison told us that their best crops for produce this year were Strawberries and Blueberries. This was very good news for everyone in HG as these are our favourites! Alison thought this ‘Special Harvest Year’ was because the hard winter we had, had killed all the bugs that usually are a pest to the plants. With our glorious warm, sunny summer too, the crops had flourished and produced lots of fruits and vegetables. As we walked around the farm, we noticed the tall sweetcorn plants. Alison showed us how to harvest the sweetcorn cobs. We tasted the sweetcorn straight away – it was delicious and so sweet!

Here is our slide show of our visit;

You can find out more about Durleighmarsh Farm by clicking on this link –

On this website you can see a calender of crops grown at the farm and when you can pick them.



Alison gave us some varieties of squash to have a go at drawing. Here are some of our pictures we have drawn for display in Alison’s shop.

brandon's fruit Brandon’s drawings

Billy's fruit Billy’s drawings

Chelsea's drawings

Chelsea’s drawings

Charlie's drawings

Charlie’s drawings





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