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Harvest time! Part 1 by Class HG

Hello friends in Kafuro!

Thank you for your blog about harvest in Kafuro. We found this really interesting and helpful in our learning about crops that have grown well in Kafuro  and in Liss. We noticed your questions about foods used in our community. I asked the children in Class HG to answer your questions. This is what they said;

1. What foods are commonly used by the people around and in Liss community?

Class HG say – strawberries (everyone’s favourite, a sweet fruit!), potatoes, sausages (made from Pig), bacon (from Pigs), apples, lettuce, Apple Crumble (a delicious hot pudding!), cheese, chicken, milk, fish, beef, eggs, yoghurts (made from milk), blueberries and blackberries. If you would like us to post some pictures of these foods we can do that. Mrs Green and Brandon grew tomatoes and strawberries in their gardens. Eddie grew potatoes.

2. What foods do you eat at lunchtime and specify foods mainly eaten for supper?

Class HG say – We like to eat yoghurt and sandwiches at lunchtime. Mrs Green has a hot soup for her lunch, and a yoghurt and an apple, kiwi fruit, strawberries, oranges, or a banana. For supper, the children like to eat chips, roast meat, sausages and gravy, burgers and gravy, potatoes, chicken, pasta, fish, beans or peas. But not all these foods at the same time! We like to have different meals on different days. Mrs Green’s favourite supper is pasta or fish. The children like to eat a sweet pudding after their supper. They like ice-cream best. Mrs Green does not have a pudding.

3. Does a Liss teacher have a cultural food?

The children of Class HG thought that Christmas Dinner eaten at lunchtime on Christmas day was our main cultural food. Christmas dinner is usually roasted Turkey, with roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, sausages wrapped in bacon, and some vegetables with a gravy. After this, people usually eat a Christmas pudding. This is a pudding like a cake made with mixed dried fruit. Mrs Green does not like Christmas pudding at all. (Yuk!) People also eat mince pies at Christmas. These are made of pastry and have mixed dried fruit in them. Mrs Green does not like these either (Yuk!). The children thought that traditional foods eaten at other times of year would be Apple Crumble, Chicken, Steak or Beef.

Mrs Green thought that Pancakes are a cultural food. Pancakes are made of milk, flour, eggs and butter. We have a special day usually in February called ‘Pancake Day’ (or Shrove Tuesday). Pancake day is always on a Tuesday. In school we make pancakes and then take them outside on a pan. We have running races whilst holding the pan and throwing the pancake up in the air. I expect this sounds a very strange thing to do! On Pancake Day we eat Pancakes for supper.

pancake 1  Pancake.

On Monday, Class HG are visiting our local fruit and vegetable farm. We will post another blog again after our visit, to share with you what we harvest there and which crops have grown well at the farm this year.

From Mrs Green and Class HG.

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