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We had a visitor to HG today. Leo Davey came back to see us and tell us all about what it was like to move on to Secondary school. We were able to ask Leo some questions about how he found leaving Liss Junior School and starting at a new school. This is what Leo told us;

At Dove House, the classrooms are bigger than HG. You have to move around the school to different classrooms and there is lots to remember at first. Leo showed us his timetable that tells him what lesson he has and where he needs to be.

leo dh 2013 (3)       IMG_6861


Leo told us that he loves his new school and the performing arts in particular. Leo has joined the school Rock Choir who recently won at a festival!

Leo explained that there are 9 pupils in his class and they are friendly and helpful. At Dove House, Leo gets to go on school trips and he especially likes visiting the shops. The teachers set him challenges to go in and buy things.

There are some things that are similar to Liss. On Friday afternoons, Leo gets to chose between some fun activities to do. He has a locker to keep his bag in but has to carry a few things around. Leo still gets a taxi to school each day, just like when he was at Liss.

At Dove House, they keep chickens! Leo has to help feed the chickens and collect the eggs. There is also a sports hall where Leo says you HAVE to have fun! Leo enjoys the trampoline and fitness gym.

leo dh 2013 (2)


A big thank you to Leo and his mum Wendy for coming in to tell us all about it!


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  1. Tracy Donegan Said,

    July 15, 2013@ 9:26 pm      Reply

    How wonderful to see Leo back in HG and so kind of him and his Mum to take the time to share his stories of Dove House with you all. I hope he was able to make Fenn, Ben and Jasmine feel a little more confident about moving on

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