Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Summer Celebration 2013

On Thursday evening, we welcomed back our families and our special guests – Mr Carnie from CM Sports and the Teachers from RDA at Hewshot Farm. We presented our achievement awards. Each and every pupil in HG have worked extremely hard and received their well deserved certificates and prizes.

Mr Carnie also presented the children with medals for their efforts in sports. He also presented 2 trophies for ‘Most Improved Sportsperson’ and ‘Sporting Achievement’. Very well done and congratulations to Brandon and Sean who were presented with these awards, you can be very proud of yourselves!



During the day, we were busy in the kitchen baking scones and biscuits to offer to all our guests. Quite rightly, our chefs made sure their offerings tasted good, and some of our chefs took this task very seriously, tasting their biscuits several times!  …. Ahem! If you were able to come along to our celebration evening, I hope you were able to sample our baking and enjoyed the evening.

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