Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Health and Citizenship Week

We have been learning about health issues and citizenship this week. We learnt about earning money and how well known people have earnt money in the past. We thought about what we could do to earn money and if we would spend it or save it. We found out about Ben Fogle and what he spends his money on and what he has invested his money on. We talked about what we would like to invest our money on and what we think would be worth saving for.

We also learnt about healthy lifestyles. We have found out about the main food groups and portion sizes to keep a healthy and balanced diet. We have also learnt about safety and what are the important things to thing about when being near water, being out in the sunshine and playing inside and outside our homes.

We enjoyed listening to various visitors who helped us learn about health and safety. We found out about what to do if we have had an accident or are poorly and where to seek help from. We found out about the RNLI and learnt from our visitor from the RNLI what are the basic rules when having fun by the water or on the beach. Here are some of the examples of the follow-up activities we completed…..

Ben L1 Ben tells us what has happened to Monkey and where he should seek help.

Mary 1 Mary 2 Mary tell us what is wrong with Monkey and what she thinks Monkey should do next.

Eddie 1 Eddie tells us why he thinks Charity is important.

BIlly 1 Brandon 1 Billy and Brandon show us the 5 main food groups and the portions of each group we should be eating daily. Brandon shows us his design of an ideal meal for him!

Billy 2 Billy shows us the safety rules he learnt from listening to the visitor from the RNLI.

Sean 1 Sean shows how he would feel spending money on different items. He thought about how his parents would feel, spending their money on these items too!


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