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The Park to Park Challenge 2013

This weekend, teachers and children took part in the Park to Park Challenge to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project. The Challenge this year, began in the New Forest National Park and took the Solent Way and South Downs Way to finish at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. The complete challenge was 80 miles in total. We are extremely proud of everyone who took part, and especially Mr Stanley who walked 45 miles throughout a 24 hour period. A phenomenal effort Mr Stanley – congratulations!

The children also did their bit, by walking a 5 mile challenging route around Queen Elizabeth Country Park. A huge thank you to Mrs Frost who came to paint the Ugandan flag on our cheeks to set us off on our way. Another huge thank you to Madeline, Henry and George and the Jenkins family who completed the challenge. Finally, thank you to the Park Rangers, Ash and Oz, who guided us around the route. Well done everyone, your efforts will benefit the schools and communities in and around the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, and the Nature Conservation of QE Park, UK.

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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    June 20, 2013@ 7:43 pm      Reply

    What stars you are – you were fantastic to do all that walking! I think the face paints look really cool too.

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