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Reading in Assembly

On Friday, Eddie and Hannah helped Mrs Green in our whole school assembly. Mrs Green asked them to read out a poem about giving and making a difference. We are all hoping to be able to make a difference through our Charity Day next Friday. Here is the poem they read;

There are billions of people on our Earth
Many of whom struggle from the moment of birth

But we are all blessed with the gift for good
Even if we don’t all use it as we should

Your smile has the power to banish the gloom
From the darkest corner of any room

Your words of wisdom can help shed light

And end many a long and pointless fight

Your comforting whisper in the right ears
Can drive away all fears and tears

Your heart when full of love and care
Can demonstrate that it’s cool to share

Your kindness to those who are lonely and sad
Can make a good situation out of the bad

Just as a shower starts with a single drop
Your idea for change could end up on top

Funds starting with a penny become many pence
You know they can make a big difference

As a forest may grow from a single tree
Your fight for justice could set many free

Your dream of a happier world for others
Might lead to better lives for mothers

Whatever you do, be it big or be it small
Giving will make you feel three metres tall

IMG_6364  Well done Hannah and Eddie for your fantastic reading of this poem.

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