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Tick Tock

In maths this week, we have been looking at time. We have practiced counting in 5’s and reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock. Some of us have been looking at what times look like on an analogue and digital clock. Some of us made our own clocks to practice […]


Welcoming our new friends

We have been thinking about welcoming new people to our school. On Thursday, we welcomed Chelsea who will be joining us in September. We made sure she was well looked after during our lessons and at playtime. We often practice our cooking skills towards the end of the week. We helped Chelsea join in with […]

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Health and Citizenship Week

We have been learning about health issues and citizenship this week. We learnt about earning money and how well known people have earnt money in the past. We thought about what we could do to earn money and if we would spend it or save it. We found out about Ben Fogle and what he […]


Charity Day

We enjoyed a fantastic morning that was organised by Year 6. Our Year 6 friends had made up their own stalls to raise money for a charity of their choice. They had chosen to support Cancer Research. We visited their stalls out on the playground, winning various prizes and treats. It also gave us practice […]


The Park to Park Challenge 2013

This weekend, teachers and children took part in the Park to Park Challenge to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project. The Challenge this year, began in the New Forest National Park and took the Solent Way and South Downs Way to finish at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. The complete challenge was 80 […]

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Giving to our community

Today was St. Mary’s Church fete. Our class made cakes and biscuits to sell on the Cake Stall at the fete. We really enjoyed making them and thought they looked like they would help to raise money at the fete. We felt proud to be able to help the local community. ┬áMr and Mrs Parrott […]

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Growing crops at Liss

Hello to everyone in Kafuro Primary. We loved looking at your photos of growing Sweet Potatoes. We have also grown potatoes in our school grounds. Our growing plots are much smaller than yours. Last year we used bags to grow our potatoes in. Here are our potato seeds for this years crop. These are called […]


Reading in Assembly

On Friday, Eddie and Hannah helped Mrs Green in our whole school assembly. Mrs Green asked them to read out a poem about giving and making a difference. We are all hoping to be able to make a difference through our Charity Day next Friday. Here is the poem they read; There are billions of […]


Horse Riding

In our horse riding lessons, some of us have been practicing controlling the horse on our own. We have had to think carefully about which rein to pull on to make our horse go in the direction we want. We practiced this skill by weaving in and out of poles in the school. Here we […]

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Hero Adventure Stories

In Literacy this week, we looked at an Adventure Story. In the story, a boy helps to rescue a girl who had been kidnapped. He was a real hero and was rewarded to a posh dinner out by the girl’s family, who were very relieved to have her back. We used our planning sheets to […]


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