Larch and Kingfishers Classes

“Down at the Post Office……….”

Last week we wrote some letters to our families, and friends at Shakespeare Junior School. We looked at how much it would cost to send our letters and worked out which tariff we needed. Then we had to work out how much money we would need for everyone to send their letters.

We thought about what we would need to say to the Post Office to make sure we got the right postage. We rehearsed what we needed to say before walking to the village. Down at the Post Office…… well, …. the post lady was very helpful!  She sold us the right postage before we popped them into the post box. Hopefully it won’t be too long before our friends and family receive our letters.

IMG_6209      IMG_6210

IMG_6213 IMG_6214

“Hello, Please can I have a second class stamp?”

IMG_6215   IMG_6216

“Thank You”

IMG_6217 IMG_6218

“Thank you, goodbye!”

IMG_6219    IMG_6211IMG_6212    IMG_6220 IMG_6221    IMG_6223 IMG_6224    IMG_6225 IMG_6226  IMG_6228 IMG_6229   IMG_6227IMG_6230    IMG_6231

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