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Ella’s Easter holiday

Ella made a PowerPoint presentation about her Easter holiday. She made the slides by herself, and shared her presentation with the rest of the class. Very well done Ella! Glad you enjoyed your time in France, thank you for sharing your holiday with us. Please click on the link to see Ella’s PowerPoint. Ella Fance


Unleaven Bread

In RE this week, we were finding out about the Jewish celebration of ‘Passover’. We found out about the 3000 year old story that the modern day celebration symbolises. Jewish people remember the Israelite’s being given their freedom from Egypt after the Egyptian people had suffered 10 terrible plagues. The Israelite’s painted their doorsteps in lambs blood […]


Marble Cake

On Friday, we used our baking skills to make a marble cake! It was delicious. Everyone enjoyed making the mixture turn different colours. After it had baked, we made some butter icing to decorate it. Everyone tried a slice and thought the different colours worked well together. Yum, yum! We will add this recipe to […]

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What is Liss Village?

On Thursday, we walked down to the village centre. We had a look at the types of buildings there were and decided if they were public buildings, services, housing or leisure facilities. We produced a colour coded map of the village, showing the different services and facilities available and the amount of housing we could […]

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Cinderella in 2013!

During the past 2 weeks, we have been looking at traditional tales as part of our literacy lessons. We have focused on the story of ‘Cinderella’. We identified the main characters and remembered the important points of the story. Then we modernised the story and produced our own 2013 edition! We chose our own ways […]

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