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Our Timelines and Rationing

For our homework, we were asked to make our own timelines of events that have happened in our lives. Some of us shared ours with the class. We took turns to explain what different events we had plotted on our timelines.

Here is Mary showing us her timeline;

IMG_5132 IMG_5131


Here is Jasmine showing us her timeline;




Here is Eddie showing us his World War II Ration book that he had made at home. Eddie had also cut out some pictures of foods that would be rationed because they were hard to come by.  Eddie told us that some foods grown in other countries during World War II, were difficult to get hold of because the ships that would have brought them to our country were blown up by the bombs and torpedo’s.

IMG_5129 IMG_5130 IMG_5128



Brandon showed us his timeline of his life. He pointed out when he learnt to ski!




Here is Ella showing us her timeline. She especially remembers the time she went to New York!


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  1. Emma Checksfield Said,

    January 22, 2013@ 5:25 pm      Reply

    What a lovely set of photographs clearly showing your enjoyment with your new topic.

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