Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Snow is falling, all around us!

Hello to all the children in HG. Hope you are having fun in the snow! Here are some pictures of your school and the village at 8.30am this morning. Which picture do you think Eddie will like the best?

IMG_5089 IMG_5095 IMG_5093 IMG_5092 IMG_5096 IMG_5098

It would be great if you make a snowman today and can take a photo of him/her. See if you can measure how tall/wide he is. Can you ’round’ your measurements to the nearest 10 or 100? If you can email your photo’s to me I can upload them on the blog for all your friends to see!

As you know, you all have Education City homework already set. You can have a go at these games as many times as you like to see if you can improve your scores!

For those who would like to have a break from the snow, you can also log on to the following website and select the games listed below;        Numeracy – ‘Save the Whale’ (number bonds to 10)

Numeracy – ‘Funkymum’ (number bonds to 20)

Literacy – ‘Chute Shuffle’

And if you are really keen – In literacy next week, we will be looking at using dictionaries. See if you can find these words in your dictionary;

air                  ration                     shelter                 gas                    mask                  ration                   evacuee            soldier                tank

For an extra Merit mark, can you put the words in the order they are listed in the dictionary? This is called ‘alphabetical’ order.

Some of you have your Ration books to make. Some of you have your timelines from last week to make.

Most importantly, enjoy the snow and have fun! Looking forward to seeing your snowmen.

From Mrs Green.

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