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Useful information. Did you know…………………?

Did you know…….? Knowing that there are people out there to provide support when things get tough can make all the difference. This might be a professional, another parent or support group, or advice on childcare and short breaks. The following web address, aims to signpost you to the avenues of help in our local […]


More War Time Cooking

Today we made an egg-less fruit cake. During the war, eggs were rationed to 1 a week, so families had to adapt favourite recipes that did not rely on eggs. We followed the recipe and baked this cake. After we had cleaned up, we had a taste. It was quite delicious! See below for the […]

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This week’s makaton

This week, we have begun to learn small words so that we can create our own sentences in makaton. Our signs this week are ‘a’ and ‘the’. Please click on the links below to see short demonstration clips. makaton – the makaton – a  


Our Timelines and Rationing

For our homework, we were asked to make our own timelines of events that have happened in our lives. Some of us shared ours with the class. We took turns to explain what different events we had plotted on our timelines. Here is Mary showing us her timeline;   Here is Jasmine showing us her […]

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HG Sporting Hero

Billy brought in his scrapbook and photos to show us. Billy has been a star at riding his motorbike. He has been keeping a scrapbook of newspaper articles he as appeared in. Billy has also featured in a calendar in 2012. He told us what challenges he had to take part in when riding his […]


Snow is falling, all around us!

Hello to all the children in HG. Hope you are having fun in the snow! Here are some pictures of your school and the village at 8.30am this morning. Which picture do you think Eddie will like the best? It would be great if you make a snowman today and can take a photo of […]


War time cooking!

We have begun learning about World War 2 and what life was like in the 1940’s. We have talked about rationing food and how people adapted favourite recipes when some foods were hard to come by. In war time, people used up their stale bread to make something more tasty! Nothing was wasted. This week, […]

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This Week’s Makaton

A very ‘Happy New Year’ to all our blog visitors!   Regular visitors will know that in HG, we learn makaton signs each week. This week’s makaton signs are ‘bread’, ‘butter’, ‘yoghurt’, and ‘egg’. Please click on the links below to see short demonstration clips of the makaton signs. Makaton – bread Makaton – butter […]


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