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Special Celebration at Winchester Cathedral

We had a magical morning at Winchester Cathedral today. We joined in with the Hampshire Music Service Special Celebration alongside other schools across the county. We celebrated the story and meaning of Christmas through lots of singing, dancing and multi-sensory activities. Everyone took part and Eddie read a text about Christmas Joy to the whole Cathedral! We hope you can get a flavour of the magic through these photographs.


  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    December 10, 2012@ 3:56 pm      Reply

    What a lot of smiling faces in the photographs- you obviously enjoyed it immensly and well done Eddie for reading out loud to the whole cathedral!Mrs Green must be sooooo proud of you all.

  2. Henry Green Said,

    December 12, 2012@ 8:22 pm      Reply

    WOW! they look so grown up!

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