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Posting our letters

This morning, we wanted to post our postcards of our Journeys to Bethlehem to our families. We looked on the internet at the Post Office website. We found out how much the stamps were going to cost. We chose to send them second class. We found out that this would cost us 50p a stamp. Then we had to do a multiplication sum to find out how much money we would need for everyone to send their postcards. We checked we had enough money and we did! Then we walked to the Post Office. When we got there we remembered what we had to ask for and we bought our stamps from the Post lady at the counter. Then we had to find out where to put the stamp on our envelopes. Then we post them!

On the way back to school, we saw the ducks. We didn’t take a photograph but here are some drawings of our trip. I wonder how long it will take for our postcards to get to their destinations?

Report and pictures by – Ben S, Ella, Sean, Ben L and Billy.

Sean’s picture

Ben L’s picture

Billy’s picture

Ella’s picture

Ben S’s picture


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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    December 3, 2012@ 6:01 pm      Reply

    What good mathematicians you all are! I like your drawings – you must have had a really interesting morning.

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