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Posting our letters

This morning, we wanted to post our postcards of our Journeys to Bethlehem to our families. We looked on the internet at the Post Office website. We found out how much the stamps were going to cost. We chose to send them second class. We found out that this would cost us 50p a stamp. […]

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Fantastic Work of the Week

Our Fantastic Work of the Week award has been presented to Mary this week. Mary has been working hard on her handwriting and sentence structure. Mary told us about her news and then wrote about it. She could not stop writing! It was fantastic. Well done Mary, I hope you enjoy your treat. Please click […]

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This week’s makaton

The makaton signs we have learnt this week are, ‘wash basin’, ‘bath’, ‘shower’, ‘house’. Please click on the links below to see short demonstration clips. Wash basin Bath Shower House  


Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thursday this week, we celebrated Thanksgiving. Mrs Croft told us about the Pilgrims who sailed from Great Britain to America. It is now a holiday celebrating the first settlers of the United States when the local Indians formally shared food with us for the first time. In celebration of this day, we baked ‘turkey’ muffins […]


This Week’s Makaton

Our Makaton signs we have learnt this week are ‘dinner’, ‘food’, ‘bed’, ‘table’. Please click on the links below to see short demonstration clips. Dinner Food Bed Table


Sponsored Walk

Last Friday, we all took part in the Sponsored Walk. We walked the 5Km route and some of our families joined us too. We enjoyed playing in the leaves en route!  


This week’s Makaton.

In HG, we learn at least 2 Makaton signs each week. This year, we have revised Makaton signs already learnt so that our new friends can  join in. This week’s signs have been ‘toilet’, ‘drink’, and ‘drink of water’. These signs are demonstrated on short clips and are available to view in the ‘Makaton’ pages […]


Introducing ‘Guy’ !

This week we made a Guy for the bonfire at Family Fireworks night. We enjoyed making him and he looked very smart for the occasion in a lovely suit! Thank you to everyone who sent in donations of things to make our guy with. Everything went to good use as we were able to help other classes […]

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