Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Inspiration, Courage and Determination.

We were lucky enough to have a special visitor to HG this week.  Tracy Donegan completed the London Shine Marathon in September. Shine is Cancer Research UK’s night time walking marathon that uses light as a symbol of hope and the progress they are making in the fight against cancer. Tracy walked all night to complete the marathon to raise money for the charity. Tracy kindly came in to talk to us about her training for the event and how she was able to keep going to complete the course. She showed us photos, her equipment and her medal. We were very inspired and recognised her ‘courage’ and ‘determination’. We had thought of questions we wanted to ask Tracy about her challenge. Ben asked Tracy why she had chosen the challenge in the first place. Tracy told us that she was walking in honor and celebration of people close to her who have fought cancer and are fighting cancer. In particular she had chosen Children s Cancer as her charity to support in recognition of the bravery of children who live with cancer.

Here are some photos of Tracy telling us about her challenge.


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