Larch and Kingfishers Classes

School Council Elections

This week, 5 volunteers wanted to be candidates for the position of Class HG school council rep. They stood up in front of the rest of the class and made their speeches. They did their very best to persuade the rest of the class to vote for them and to trust them to represent the class in the school council meetings. All 5 gave very persuasive speeches and made it a very hard decision.

Finally a winner was chosen. Congratulations and well done to Fenn on becoming our new Class HG School Council Rep!


  1. Class HGf Said,

    September 14, 2012@ 8:47 am      Reply

    Well done Fenn

  2. Beverly Lawton Said,

    September 18, 2012@ 5:40 pm      Reply

    I am so proud of you Fenn x

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