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Investigating Growing

In HG, we have set up an experiment with runner bean seeds. We knew that plants needed water, light and soil to be able to grow, but we wanted to know if plants could grow without one of these essential elements. We put seeds in the dark, with and without water and we put seeds […]


Potato Competition 2012

On Thursday, we harvested our Potatoes. The closing date for the Potato Council competition was on Friday. This was bad news for us as our potatoes were not ready! We had to send the Potato Council our results – how many tubas had grown, how heavy our crop was, how big the biggest tuba was […]


Y6 Calshot trip 2012

On Wednesday, Leo, Leanne and I joined our Year 6 friends and spent the day at Calshot Activity Centre. We had a fantastic day having a go at climbing, skiing,┬ádonuting, orienteering, sailing and trawling. Here are some Action Shots!  


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