Good luck Year 6

On Friday, we said goodbye to our Year 6, Leo, Leo, Leanne and Tommy. We wish them good luck in their new adventures at their secondary schools. We look forward to seeing them again soon and finding out about their news.

I would like to thank them for always giving their best efforts and for being such a pleasure to teach, and for all the fun we have had together in HG.

They would like to say this ….. (click on the video link below).


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2 Responses to Good luck Year 6

  1. Tracy Donegan says:

    Ah, its so sad to say “farewell” to Leanne, Tommy, Leo and Leo, they have all been such good friends to Mary and I am sure she will miss them all but will always remember them in a very happy way. Its now up to Mary and the rest of the class to make sure that their new friends are made to feel welcome and to enjoy lots of fun learning together

  2. helpb says:

    dear ben went to it look in the pool sean

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