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Damian Hinds MP visits HG!

The room has been full of excitement and anticipation this week. On Friday, Damian Hinds MP came to visit. We were able to show him some of our favourite things about HG. We also showed him our work. He thought we had written some good stories. Then we were able  to ask him some questions about his job.

Mary and Leanne wanted to know what he has meetings about. Mr Hinds told us he has meetings in London where he sits on the Education Committee and talks about schools. When he is in Hampshire he talks to people about problems they may be facing or how they want the government to help them.

Ben wanted to know what he does in the House of Commons. Mr Hinds explained he has to make decisions and vote about things. He told us he always knows what time it is when he is at the Houses of Parliament because of a rather large and noisy clock!

Brandon wanted to know where he goes for his work. Mr Hinds told us he works in London Mondays to Thursdays and then works in Hampshire on Fridays and at the weekends.

Eddie wanted to know what car he drove. Mr Hinds said he drives a Volkswagen Golf.

Leo D wanted to know what has been the most special place he has been to for a meeting. Mr Hinds told us about 10 Downing Street that looks small from the outside but inside it is a very large house!

Leo L wanted to know when Mr Hinds had to go to the Houses of Parliament. Mr Hinds said that he works until 10.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. He has to vote on decisions at the end of the day. The MP’s vote by walking through very narrow corridors. It takes a very long time as there are 650 MP’s voting!

Tommy wanted to know how far Mr Hinds travels. Mr Hinds told us he stays in London for the first part of the week. When he is in Hampshire, he travels around a lot. Today, Mr Hinds would be travelling about 100 miles just by travelling between local places.

We really enjoyed meeting and chatting with Mr Hinds. It was really interesting to find out what Members of Parliament do!


  1. Henry G Said,

    June 16, 2012@ 8:45 am      Reply

    Damian hinds looks like he had a great time

    • Charlotte Andrews Said,

      June 19, 2012@ 6:48 pm      Reply

      Yes it looks like he had a great time!!!!!

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