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Olympic Fortnight – the results!

During our Olympic Fortnight, we challenged ourselves to be ‘determined’ to be the best we could be. Everyday we did 4 activities for 1 minute. These were star jumps, basket ball shooting, shuttle runs and ‘ladder steps’. We challenged ourselves to see if we could improve our scores each day. We were grouped to represent countries of the world and we were collecting points for our country. At the end of the fortnight, the tension mounted as we waited in anticipation to find out who the winners were……

The results are;

Mary and Jasmine representing the UK – 367 points

Brandon and Leo representing the United States of America – 545 points

Leo and Leanne representing Japan – 806 points

Fenn and Tommy representing Australia – 807 points

And the WINNERS were Ben, Ben and Eddie representing Uganda! – 917 points

All our competitors really showed determination to be the best they could be. Well done to everyone, we look forward to seeing which country will win in our next Olympic Fortnight in July.


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