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Hampton Court Flower Show Scarecrow Competition – Introducing ‘Francesca’!

We have entered into this years ‘Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012’. We were challenged to enter our very own Sporting Champion Scarecrow to be exhibited at the show. Two years ago, we were lucky enough to win a place with our Shakespeare Character scarecrow, ‘Bottom’.

All the children in HG were involved in making our scarecrow. We asked Louise Arthur, a local willow sculptor, to help us. She very kindly used the willow that grows in our school grounds to very cleverly create a structure. We decided that she looked like a gymnast. We took inspiration from ‘Francesca Jones’, a Welsh gymnast, who has already secured a place on the British team in the London 2012 Olympic games.

The rules state that we have to use plant material and recycled materials. We decided to give her a shiny leotard made out of crisp packets. Lots of mums and dads helped us too, by donating old sports equipment. Here is the  end result. With huge thanks to Louise Arthur and everyone who helped us, we introduce to you ‘Francesca’. We hope we get to exhibit her at Hampton Court!


  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    May 22, 2012@ 10:42 pm      Reply

    I am very impressed with “Francesca.” How clever you all are to make such an attractive scarecrow! Good luck with the competition. I think you deserve to win.

    • Brandon, Mary, Eddie, Ben and Mrs Green Said,

      May 23, 2012@ 12:42 pm      Reply

      Dear Mrs Blackmore,
      Thank you for your comments, we hope we win too! We would like to know if it is night or day time now? Is it ok if you can take some photos of America and show us when you get back? Please?
      Love from
      Brandon, Mary, Ben and Eddie

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