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World Book Day

We have had great fun in HG this week. We have celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Charles Dickens and on Thursday it was World Book Day .  Some of us came to school dressed as a character from a Charles Dickens story on World Book Day.

We have been watching the film ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl. In the story some of the characters have a drink called ‘Frumptious Frobscottle’. On Thursday, we celebrated  Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary by making Frumptious Frobscottle and baking and decorating our own birthday cup cakes! The cup cakes were delicious but the Frobscottle was a more ‘acquired’ taste! Have a look at our photos of our preparations and celebrations this week. The recipe for Frumptious Frobscottle is below – why not give it a try and let us know if you liked it!

Here is the recipe for Frumptious Frobscottle –

You will need:

8 kiwi fruit

1-2 limes

100ml raspberry yogurt

a few drops of green food colouring

200ml lemonade

300ml cream soda

What to do:

1. Peel and chop the kiwis and put them in the blender. Squeeze the limes and pour the juice into the blender with the kiwis. Put the lid on  and blend until the liquid is smooth.

2. Hold a sieve over a jug and pour the mixture through the sieve, using a spoon to break down any lumps. Don’t worry if some of the kiwi seeds get through.

3. Add the yogurt and food colouring to the jug and mix it all together. Then add the lemonade and cream soda so that the mixture fizzes and bubbles.

4. Pour your Frobscottle into some glasses. Add straws and decorate with slices of kiwi. Your Frumptious Frobscottle is now ready to guzzle!

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  1. Jacky Blackmore Said,

    March 4, 2012@ 4:13 pm      Reply

    You have had a busy week! I wonder who invented the recipe for Frobscottle, was it Roald Dahl? I can understand that it might take a while to get used to the taste!

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