Larch and Kingfishers Classes

We connect with Kafuro Primary School, Uganda!

There was great excitement this morning. Our link school in Uganda – Kafuro Primary, had an internet link for a whole 30 minutes! We were hoping to use this 30 minute window to send and receive messages fairly instantly between us and Kafuro. In HG, the children composed and sent the following email;

Hello From Class HG at Liss Junior School,
We are the ‘BEST’ class at Liss Junior School, in Hampshire. There are 11 
of us in our class and we have 3 teachers – we are very lucky! Some of us 
are 7yrs old and some of us are 11yrs old and some of us are 8, 9 and 10 
yrs old!

We’ve had a bit of snow here this week, and some of us have had a snowball  fight! What is the weather like in Kafuro?
We are about to have an PE lesson in our school hall. What are you doing 

Some of us have pets. Do you know if the children in Kafuro have any pets?

Some of us have chosen to have roast chicken for lunch, what are you having  for your lunch today?

Thank you for reading our message!
Best wishes
from All in HG.

At about 2pm, we received the following reply;

Dear Class HG (the Best Class at Liss!)

Welcome from Kafuro – we are very sorry that the internet did not work.  The school is a long way from the main road, surrounded but banana plants and cotton fields.

The weather is very hot today  – it is the dry season, all the grass is brown.  We have hens and goats but no other pets. Today we have been singing and dancing for Johan and Peter and we have also looked at some photos of Liss School.

We will try and send some photos of the school to Adam Stanley.

Best wishes from,

the children at Kafuro School and Johan and Peter Welsh

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  1. Charlotte Andrews Said,

    February 25, 2012@ 11:06 am      Reply

    That is such a nice E-mail to them and it it nice to know what is going on at Kafuro school.

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