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The Boat Project

Today we had our first trip in the new minibus. We went down to Thornham Marina in Emsworth to see The Boat Project. Here is some information about The Boat Project which is a participant of the London 2012 Intercultural Olympics;

“A remarkable boat, crafted by an adventurous team of boat builders and volunteers, will be launched from Thornham Marina, Emsworth.

A living archive of people’s stories and lives, the boat is a 30ft seafaring vessel made from donated wooden items – from the highly personal to pieces of national importance – acting as a living archive of our lives.

The launch brings together the thousands of people who came together to create the boat and mark the beginning of its maiden voyage. Each of the boat’s six crew members was nominated by the public and they’ve now been trained and are raring to go.

The voyage will stretch along the coast eastwards from Weymouth and up into London, stopping at Brighton, Portsmouth, Hastings, Margate and Milton Keynes. At each of these five locations a bespoke festival of events will celebrate the boat’s arrival and mooring.

The Boat Project is Lone Twin’s most ambitious project to date. Led by artists Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters, Lone Twin is widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading performance companies, showing projects around the world to popular and critical acclaim.

The Boat Project build team includes acclaimed sailor, boat-builder and Olympic silver medallist Mark Covell and international boat designer Simon Rogers.”

Gregg told us that every item included on the hull has a story behind it. There is even a piece of Jimi Hendrix guitar somewhere on the hull! The boat will be launched on May 7th from Thornham Marina. There will also be a book launched for sale on May 7th about the Boat. There is a webcam on their website where we can continue to follow the project online at . Here are some photos of our visit today.


  1. charlotte andrews Said,

    February 3, 2012@ 6:36 pm      Reply

    wow that looks so much fun!!!!!!!
    p.s. I hope the new mini bus was cool!

  2. Henry.G. Said,

    February 7, 2012@ 5:20 pm      Reply

    that looks so much fun

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