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HG go shopping!

In HG we have been practicing our maths skills using money. We put this in to practice by asking some members of staff if they needed to buy anything at the shops.  This is what they asked for;

Mrs Brown in the office needed stamps for the office, an egg sandwich for her lunch and a TV magazine.

Mrs Parrot asked for a glue stick and some colouring pencils.

Mrs Clements asked for a glue stick.

Miss Greetham asked for a glue stick and some chocolate.

Mr Stanley asked for some very expensive, and only the best, chocolate.

When we had our list, we used the internet to find out how much these items might cost. We found out that the total was too much for our limited budget! We had a discussion about which items were more of a priority than others. We decided that perhaps Mrs Parrot, Mrs Clements and Miss Greetham could share a glue stick. We also  thought that we would encourage Miss Greetham and Mr Stanley to be more healthy by having fruit which was cheaper than chocolate. We also decided that Mrs Brown must have the stamps and a sandwich for her lunch, and the TV magazine wasn’t that expensive so she could have that too!

On Friday morning, we walked down to the shops in the village to buy the things on our list. We worked out how we were going to pay for them and how to ask the shop assistant for what we wanted. We managed to buy everything on our list and the staff were very pleased!

We had a great morning practicing our maths and language and communication skills too!


  1. Tracy Donegan Said,

    January 17, 2012@ 10:59 pm      Reply

    How very sensible of you all to be able to use your budget wisely, I bet it was difficult to tell Mr Stanley that he couldn’t have his favourite chocolate!

  2. Henry.G. Said,

    February 7, 2012@ 5:25 pm      Reply

    looks fun

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