Larch and Kingfishers Classes

Bobbing bouncing raisins and layered liquids

In HG this week we conducted some science experiments to test the properties of water.  The children gave the following accounts of the experiments.

Bobbing Bouncing Raisins

We put lemonade in the cups and we dropped raisins in it. Some of the raisins rose up to the top. Because the bubbles of gas stuck to the raisins it pushed them up to the top. The raisins fell down again because the bubbles came off. More bubbles stuck to the raisins and they were pushed up again.

Layered Liquids

We put some vegetable oil in a jar. Then we added coloured water. The water sank through the oil to the bottom. Then we added golden syrup. The golden syrup sank through the vegetable oil and the coloured water to the bottom. It was amazing and made loads of gloopy bubbles!

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