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HG visit to Durleighmarsh Farm

On Monday 20th June, we visited Alison at Durleighmarsh Farm. She showed us the crops that are ready for picking now and showed us crops that have just been planted and will be ready in the autumn. We tasted some of the crops – gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, white berries, red berries, and broad beans. We picked some of the fruits and took them back to school to make a summer fruit pudding!

  White berries

 Runner beans

 We tried fruits we might not normally like!


 Found one!

 We were careful to stick to the path lines.

 These courgettes have just been planted.

 Broad beans!

 Alison showed us some other crops.

 The finished product! We made a summer fruits pudding with the berries that were still in the fields only 2 hours before.

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  1. beverly aka Fenns Mum Said,

    July 10, 2011@ 8:01 pm      Reply

    the fruit was so lovely and fenn had a really nice time at the farm, we are hoping to get back there at some point.

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