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Our Easter gardens

We have been learning about key aspects of the Easter Story. We have made our own Easter gardens. Our gardens include 3 crosses, a tomb and tomb stone to represent the key points of the Easter story. Please ask us about the story or our gardens, we hope you like the gardens!

   Eddie’s Easter garden

  “I am happy with my Easter garden”

  “Jesus was resurrected”

   “Jesus was put in the tomb”

   Mary’s Easter garden

  “The Tomb was empty”

  Leanne’s Easter garden

   “I have put 3 crosses in my garden”

  Fenn’s Easter garden

   There are spring flowers in my garden

  When they looked in the tomb it was empty!

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  1. Kim Said,

    April 7, 2011@ 4:44 pm      Reply

    I love those Easter gardens – especially the one with 3 crosses.

    I don’t think they celebrate Easter much over here in America – they call the Easter Holidays the Spring break and they only get one week ! But the shops are full of eggs and Easter bunnies !!

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