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Our Royal Wedding celebrations!

We celebrated the Royal Wedding with our own Street Party on the playground. We performed wedding celebration songs to each other on the amphitheatre. Here are some photos of the lovely afternoon we had.


HG does Take That for the Royal Wedding

We celebrated the Royal Wedding by learning and performing ‘Greatest Day’ by Take That. We performed our song in makaton to the rest of the school. We only had 2 days to learn it! You can watch us practising by clicking on the link below. Hope you enjoy it ! HG does Take That


Art in HG

In our art lesson with Mrs Horrocks, we looked at the work of J. Vincent Scarpace. He is well known for his paintings of fish. (See We were so inspired we created our own. Do you like them?      By Tommy    By Fenn  By Eddie   By Jamie


Passport File Workshop

Our practical workshop on making ‘Passport Files’ for your children will run on Monday 13th June at 1.30pm. These will be in the meeting room with Mrs Vernon-Smith and a parent who has made one to share with you. Please let Mrs Green know if you would like to attend or know more about it.


Our Potato Competition – update

Our potatoes have been busy during the Easter holidays! Photographer: Leanne Mackenzie


Our Easter gardens

We have been learning about key aspects of the Easter Story. We have made our own Easter gardens. Our gardens include 3 crosses, a tomb and tomb stone to represent the key points of the Easter story. Please ask us about the story or our gardens, we hope you like the gardens!    Eddie’s Easter garden […]

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This week’s makaton signs

Rabbit    Chicken


‘roar’ – What do you think of our newsletter?

To everyone at the Learning Centre   Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your newsletter.  I really like the name “Roar” and Leo L’s drawing of a lion. Your interview with Clare Wise is very interesting – I would like to go and watch whales too! I hope you will send […]


Our Magnetic Games

In technology, we designed and made a magnetic game. We have taken some photos of our games in action. We hope you like them!          Fenn’s Football game    Fenn’s Football game     Young Designer    Eddie’s Car Track    Designing the new Mclaren F1 Team   Ben’s Fishing Game    Ben’s game.   Mary’s […]


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