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Our Potato Competition

We are taking part in a National Competition with the Potatoes For Schools organisation. Harry and Luke have written the following;

Our Potatoes 

Welcome to our passage on potatoes.

 How to grow your own Potatoes

Step 1.) Plant your potatoes in a hole and make sure the roots are facing down.

Step 2.) Cover your potatoes with soil.

Step 3.) Water your potatoes and do this regularly but only a little at a time.

Final Step.) Harvest and eat your own potatoes!

 Our Competition

We are in an adrenaline pumping competition between Mr Burford and other local schools. If we win we will win an amazing prize of new school equipment.

 All About Our Potatoes

We are growing two fabulous types of potato. The Picalo Star and the Rocket (yes it is how you spell Picalo in this case) Our potatoes are getting on well we are already seeing shoots. How exciting! We hope they all grow really well and we get a good crop.

 Well this is all we have to say for now and we hope you read more on our potatoes soon. Goodbye!!!

  Rocket. A National Variety  Picalo Star. A local variety  Shoots are appearing! More shoots are appearing!

April 7th – See how our Potatoes are growing! Photos taken by Jamie

 Our National Variety –


Our local variety – Picalo Star

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