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Our Potato Competition

We are taking part in a National Competition with the Potatoes For Schools organisation. Harry and Luke have written the following; Our Potatoes  Welcome to our passage on potatoes.  How to grow your own Potatoes Step 1.) Plant your potatoes in a hole and make sure the roots are facing down. Step 2.) Cover your […]


Horse Riding Lessons

Every Tuesday we have a horse riding lesson. Our riding lessons have really helped with our confidence, balance and co-ordination. We are learning how to care for the horses as well as develop our riding skills. Click on the links to watch our videos to see what we do in our lessons. Hope you like […]

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New makaton signs

again brother school sister home sunshine

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How To…… Makaton signs

Check out the makaton signs we have been learning. These will be listed under the ‘Categories’ section. We learn 2 new signs a week, so please revisit our blog to see all our updates. Please let us know if our demonstrations are helpful! Mrs Green.


Makaton signs

Click on any of these words to see a short demonstration of the makaton sign. worry because why when which who look when listen remember toilet rain  there here no your new now snow chair sit yes mine where what think thankyou bus car horse riding drink please daddy mummy bus drink of water car

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Weekly News

Transition to Secondary School This coming term, we will be supporting families through their transition into secondary school. We would like to share with you a very useful tool that can help make any transition for your child be a smooth one. See the website – ) to find out what a Passport file […]


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