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Best memories

We wrote about our best memories of this year and illustrated them. Have a look!


Class assembly

We really enjoyed sharing our countryside project learning with the whole school through our Larch class assembly. We were able to share all the things we had been learning about bees and what we did on the Countryside day. We were also very excited to tell the whole school that we have won the competition for the 3rd time in a row! A huge thank you to all the parents who came and supported us.


Hooke Court

We are really pleased that all the Year 5s had a great time at Hooke Court this week. They loved learning about the Tudors. Alex said that his favourite thing was playing snakes and ladders! They joined in with different Tudor activities and even had a Tudor banquet!


We won!

We’re really pleased to say that we won the Countryside education project again, for the 3rd year in a row!

This is what the judges said:

‘Liss Junior School: Pupils from the Resource Provision Unit had visited Wintershill Farm and enjoyed a wide variety of activities exploring many aspects of farming. The project had clearly benefitted from the farm visit, although it was evident, that even before the visit they had begun to explore the world of bees. The project was highly focussed, covering a huge range of topics, across all curriculum areas. The project included making bee life cycle spinning wheels, observational drawings of bees, making a model hive, creating tessellations & mazes, 3D models of bees, cooking project which included honey flapjacks which were delicious, and a large, colourful bee collage that had been made up of individual A4 sheets that made up the whole. The children were incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable as they shared
their love of outdoor learning and their visit to the farm. The Junior Category this year has been won by Liss Junior School for their wonderful exploration into the world of bees, which enhanced so many
areas of the national curriculum. They were particularly impressed with the flapjacks and how the pupils had become so passionate about the subject’.

Come and see our work at the Alresford show on Saturday 7th September and watch us collect our trophy!

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Sports morning 1

We had a fantastic time today at our sports morning. The sun shone and we all enjoyed a great range of activities while earning points for our colour team. We’re looking forward to the second sports morning tomorrow!


Countryside judges

Today was the day when we had to show all our hard work to the Countryside judges from the Alresford show. Some upper school children were chosen to share the work with the judges, who were incredibly impressed with how hard we had worked and how much we had learnt about bees. They are going to several schools and we will find out soon where we have come in the competition. Our work will then be displayed at the Alresford Show in September and we will be able to see the work of the other schools in the competition too. All the children in Larch class should be incredibly proud of themselves for all their hard work. We look forward to showing the rest of the school and parents/carers the work at our class assembly.



We went to see our bees yesterday, and Mr Haycock taught us all about them. We looked in the hive but we couldn’t find the Queen. The worker bees are making new Queen cells so we think that they are trying to get a new Queen. We saw the propolis and enjoyed meeting a bee!

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Countryside Day

Today we had an amazing time at Wintershill Farm! We went to join in with all the different activities, and learn about bees as part of our Countryside project. Everyone had a fantastic day and we are very grateful to the farmers for opening their farm up to us today.


Poetry, Danegeld and Ethelred the Unready!

In history this half-term we have been learning about the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. This week we learnt about ‘Ethelred II the Unready’. We talked about his life and discussed whether or not we thought it was fair that he was called ‘the Unready’. Some children thought it was fair, as he hadn’t been a very good King, and others thought it wasn’t as he became King when he was only 7!

We then found out about Danegeld. King Ethelred wanted peace in his country, so he paid the Vikings to stay away. They realised that if they kept coming back they could keep getting more money! We role-played as the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.


In English this week we have started a new poetry unit. We have been listening to poems and learning about different types of poetry. We learnt a poem and performed it: watch our performances below!

Poem video compressed Poem video 2 compressed


This week we have been…

  • Making Easter nests (to help us learn about fractions in Maths)
  • Gardening
  • Rearranging our clay sculptures in the style of Antony Gormley
  • Having an Easter Egg Hunt

We also went on a trip to Alice Holt (see separate blog post). Phew, what a busy week! Happy Easter everyone, enjoy a well deserved rest!



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