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Winchester special celebration

One of our highlights every year is visiting Winchester school to join with other special settings to celebrate Christmas as part of the special celebration. This year was no exception, and we had a fantastic time dressing up and joining in with everything! We LOVED it when the donkey (Mr Jolly) walked down the aisle too! A special thank you to Mr Ivory for driving the bus!


Building a kindness web and the multiplication station

We had a lot of fun at the ‘Multiplication Station’ this week. We had to choose how many passengers to put in our train carriages (the same number in each carriage), then write a multiplication calculation to match. Mrs Vernon-Smith, the ‘fat-controller’, had to quality check the trains and if she was happy then she would send them off from the station. For each coloured train we correctly despatched, we got a corresponding sticker on our badge. Adam said ‘This is so much fun!’

In circle time this week we built a ‘kindness web’. Mrs Aston started with the string and said something kind about another child in the circle. She then passed them the string. They had to then say something kind about someone else and pass them the string. We were good at being really kind!


Making Music

We have been learning about percussion instruments in music. This week we watched some performances by ‘Stomp’ and then made our own percussion instruments, before performing with them to the class.


Terrific Times Tables!

This week we have been working on our multiplication. We have represented them in lots of different ways including with Numicon and pictorial representations. Today some of the pupils went outside and played a game. Every time they got a beanbag in the hoop they scored 2 and had to record their score. Can you see what they have used to record their score? We then repeated the game scoring a 10 or a 5 instead.


Super str

We really enjoyed writing our stories this week, about the adventures that our gingerbread people got up to. Sophie, Christopher and Alex typed their stories up for our blog:

Sophie’s story: 

Download (DOCX, 12KB)

Christopher’s story: 

Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Alex’s story: 

Download (DOCX, 12KB)



Outdoor learning

We love learning outside! Sometimes it’s great just to practise times tables and spellings in a different environment.



Pen Licence

Congratulations to Christopher, who is the first child in Larch class to get his pen licence! He has enjoyed using his new pen for the first time in lessons this week, and has shown great resilience and perseverance with his handwriting. Well done!


Run, run, as fast as you can!

We are currently doing a unit in English on Traditional Tales. For the last couple of weeks we have been looking at The Gingerbread Man, retelling the story and identifying the key events in the story. We have enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain: ‘Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!’

This week we made some gingerbread people in preparation for our outcome next week, where we will pretend that our gingerbread people have come alive! What adventures do you think our gingerbread people should get up to in our stories?

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We have been learning about ‘People who help us’ in our PSHE lessons this half-term. On Thursday we had a visit from a volunteer from the RNLI, who came to tell us all about the fantastic work they do, and how to keep safe at sea. We would like to raise some money for the RNLI to say thank you!

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Gardening and Competition Winners!

This year we decided that we wanted to start doing some gardening. We have a great outdoor garden area at school, but it needs a lot of weeding! Next we’re hoping to start growing some things. Any suggestions?

Also, this year we were really lucky to win the Countryside Education Project again, after our project work on cows. We displayed it at the Alresford Show and got to collect a huge trophy! The judges said:

‘There was a high level of pupil engagement across every aspect of the project, and evidence that their visit had inspired them all’.

The trophy was given out in assembly today and is now proudly on display in the school library.

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