Larch and Kingfishers Classes

English in Kingfishers

We’ve been working really hard in Kingfishers on our phonics and letter formation – see the videos in Teams for more information! Here are some photos and videos of our brilliant letter formation. We have also been doing mark-making activities to support our English story, and enjoyed painting some flower pictures.

As part of our personal development learning, we have been learning how to wash our hands properly and gaining independence with this.

We enjoyed looking through photos of our families in Kingfishers to make some family trees.

All the children have had a fantastic first term/half-term which so much brilliant learning. Well done Kingfishers!


Larch and Kingfishers Joint Learning

We really enjoyed the silent disco this week!


This week in Kingfishers Class

It has been wonderful to have all our children in Kingfishers class this week, and we’ve had a fantastic week of learning.

In English this week we have been practising our letter formation and mark-making skills. Our story has been Oliver’s Vegetables, and we have been trying some different fruit and vegetables this week, just like Oliver! We have also been learning the Makaton signs for different vegetables.

In topic we have been planting and growing things.

In Maths we have continued to learn about number, using the Numberblocks episodes to support our understanding. Big thanks to Mr Vinton for making us our outdoor Numicon board which has been helping us to learn about number.


World Book Day

In Larch and Kingfishers classes today we really enjoyed World Book Day. There were some fantastic costumes and all the children brought in their favourite book from home. We spent some time outside sharing these books with each other and discussing what we liked about them. All the children showed great listening skills and patience as they waited to talk about their favourite books.


Kingfishers’ learning this week

In Kingfishers class this week we have all been trying new foods!

Our story in English is Oliver’s Vegetables. Oliver thinks he only likes eating chips, but enjoys harvesting and trying the vegetables from Grandpa’s garden. We have been enjoying our first ever school dinners and learning about different foods too!

In Maths we have been continuing to learn about number with the number blocks, including accurately counting and finding more and less.

We had the first chance to play in the sand pit this week, and also enjoyed playing in the water tray. We’ve had some great opportunities to mark-make this week too!

Today we also enjoyed going to the library to choose a book.


Larch and Kingfishers PE

This week we have started some joint learning sessions between Larch and Kingfishers. It has been really good for the Kingfishers to see the role-models of the Larch children, and it has been great for the Larch children to to help the Kingfishers, building their confidence and self-esteem.

Today we enjoyed a PE lesson together with CM sports. It was a great chance to practise two of our building learning powers, resilience and reciprocity!


Kingfishers week beginning 8th February

We have enjoyed welcoming some new friends this week, as some children have joined us for the first time!

In Maths we have been learning about numbers to 10, including doubles and one more and one less.

In English we have been listening to ‘Mog and Bunny’. We have been learning the sign for ‘rabbit’ and thinking about what happened in the story. We have also been working hard on recognising the sounds ‘i’, ‘n,’ ‘m’ and ‘d’ including letter formation. In our motor skills sessions we have been learning to pinch things with our skill fingers and thumbs.

This week has been cold and icy! We have enjoyed going outside and exploring the ice and snow!


Kingfishers in the snow!

What a beautiful day! We really enjoyed playing and learning in the snow!

I can throw a snowball!


Kingfishers Learning week beginning 18th January

What a brilliant week! We have continued learning about numbers to 5, and have explored different representations of these. We have been working on our initial phonics sounds and have started to segment and blend these. We have also enjoyed continuing our pets topic!

Blending sounds


Kingfishers’ Learning this week

This week in Kingfishers class we have continued our pets topic and enjoyed playing vets in the role-play corner. We have been learning to pinch and squeeze using our thumb and forefinger to develop our fine-motor skills and have also been developing our gross motor skills in P.E. In English we have been listening to The Rainbow Fish and identifying the key characters and events. We also learnt the Makaton sign for fish. We have been working on our mark-making in lots of different ways. In Maths we have been learning lots of things about the numbers to 5. The numberblocks are helping us to learn about numbers!


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