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Countryside day 2018

Wow, what an incredible day we’ve had at the Countryside day today! We went to Matterley Bowl Estate near Winchester and spent time learning about the working Countryside.

Firstly, we met Laura and found out all about game-keeping. We got to hold a chick!

Next, we learnt about the different crops that are grown on the farm and what they are used for:

After that we learnt all about how the wheat can be used to make bread, and had a go at kneading some dough and tasting some bread:

After lunch we went to the dairy part of the farm. We met the cows and were excited to see the calves. We saw where the cows are milked and then had a go at making our own cheese!

We learnt so much today and can’t wait to start our project work for the Alresford Country show!


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Spanish Armada

We really enjoyed learning about the Spanish Armada this week, particularly when we got into two teams and had to re-enact the event as the English or the Spanish!

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These are a few of my favourite things…

We listened to the story of Hercules this week. We acted out the story and compared it to another version of Hercules.

In science, we made some electrical circuits. We were really excited when we got the bulbs to light up!

In PSHE, we have been thinking about what ‘special’ means. This week we got to share some of our special things from home. Charlie even made a Powerpoint about his favourite thing, Mickey Mouse!


Super shape hunters!

All this week we’ve been learning about shapes in maths. We have learnt the names of lots of 2D and 3D shapes and sorted them based on their properties. Today Molly, Adam, Ashton and Tatiana went on a shape hunt around the school grounds. Can you work out what shapes they found?

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Tricky wool weaving

We made some decorations using wool and lolly sticks and weaving.

Taylor: ‘I loved it but I found it so tricky!’

Molly: ‘It was the best day ever’

Aidan: ‘I found it very hard’

We used resilience when we found it tricky and we used reflectiveness to write our evaluations.


IEP homework

Well done Joshua, for doing some great work towards your IEP target at home. Joshua combined coins to make the correct amount to buy a cake.


Marvellous measuring

Today in Maths we were practising our measuring skills. We made a playdough snake using water which we had to measure in a jug and flour which we had to measure on the scales. We thought carefully about what measuring equipment we would need. We learnt to use these words: volume, mass and length. We also thought about what units we were measuring in. Our snake had to be exactly 10cm long, so we drew a line on our playdough mats that was exactly 10 cm to help us.


Measures homework

Molly’s Mum emailed in these great photos of Molly doing some measuring at home – well done Molly!

‘We made pancakes on Saturday morning.┬áMolly measured out in our scales 100g of plain flour and a sprinkle of salt, 300 ml milk in a measuring jug and mixed 2 eggs together to make the mixture. Molly poured her mixture into the frying pan & enjoyed her pancake with lemon & caster sugar!’


Joshua’s snow day

Well done Joshua for doing some great school work during the snow days! You look like you had a great time!



Snow day activities

As the school is closed today, please can you complete the following activities:

1. Draw some fractions in the snow or make some out of natural materials. Take a photo and email me!

2. Do some baking. Practise your measuring skills and read the scales on a jug or a set of scales.

3. Write some sentences about what you have done today.

4. Read your school reading book and practise handwriting and spellings.


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