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Safer internet day

Today is safer internet day, and we learnt about how to stay safe online. To stay safe, we learnt that we should always ask an adult if we’re not sure, show an adult our screen and let them know if we’re going online. You should also check how old you need to be before playing any new games. We learnt that it’s not safe to give out any personal information, e.g. our age, full name, address or phone number. We also learnt that it’s not safe to go online without an adult knowing or play games that are too old for us.

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Snow day

Well done to Ben who did his Education City homework and some lovely writing on the snow day, which is now on our ‘Wow work’ wall.

Tattie, Molly and Joshua had fun in the snow!


Meet Brian and Mrs Aston! Plus some fantastic Roman work.

Meet Brian and Mrs Aston, our new pets in Larch class! The children voted for the names, and keep making jokes like: ‘Feed Mrs Aston some lettuce’ and ‘Mrs Aston is curled up in her shell!’ They are only babies at the moment, but should grow to be quite big, as they are African Land Snails. They have a heat mat in their tank to keep them warm, as they need to be between about 20-24 degrees celcius. We have been filling out a ‘Snail spotter’ log to keep an eye on their temperature and humidity and what they’re doing. We are feeding them small bits of lettuce and cucumber each day.

Also, in history we have been learning about Romans. We worked together to make a fantastic non-fiction book about what we learnt. See below for some photos.


Work for snow day

As school is closed today, here are a few home learning activities you can do. I’d love to see any photos of what you’ve done!

Maths: We have been learning about counting and number. Please practise counting forwards and backwards from different numbers, then practise counting in 2s, 5s, 10s (from different numbers, e.g. 34), 3s and 4s. You can also practise Times Table Rockstars.

English: We are learning to use adjectives in English and are beginning to plan and write adventure stories. You could write some adjectives to describe the snow, or write an adventure story about a snowy day.

Topic: Yesterday we learnt about the difference between ice, snow and frost. Can you take some photos, make a Powerpoint or some posters to show the difference between them?


You can also practise your IEP targets and spellings (we will have our test next Friday) and do some reading. I have also placed some English and Maths activities on Education City.

Keep warm and stay safe!


Telling the time

This week we have been learning to tell the time, and need to keep practicing this skill! Here’s the clock we use in Larch class to help us:

Have you got anything at home which can help you?


What’s the shape?

This week in Larch class we have been thinking about the names of shapes and their properties. One group went outside and Mrs Aston tipped all of the shapes onto the floor! She would say a shape and we had to collect as many of that shape as we could. We had to recognise the shapes in lots of different sizes and orientations. Then we worked together to put them all back into their correct places in the shape box, which required concentration and teamwork.


Position and Direction

This week in Maths we have been learning about position and direction. One group learnt words such as ‘on’, ‘in’, ‘under’ and played ‘Where’s Betty’, describing her position using those words.

The other group learnt about quarter and half-turns left and right, and had to direct their partner along the line using the correct direction words.


Christmas craft morning

As our class treat we chose to have a Christmas craft morning, and parents/carers were invited too. We had a fantastic time making salt dough decorations, cooking mince pies and making Christmas cards. Thank you to all our extra visitors, we really enjoyed having you!


Winchester special celebration

One of our highlights every year is visiting Winchester school to join with other special settings to celebrate Christmas as part of the special celebration. This year was no exception, and we had a fantastic time dressing up and joining in with everything! We LOVED it when the donkey (Mr Jolly) walked down the aisle too! A special thank you to Mr Ivory for driving the bus!


Building a kindness web and the multiplication station

We had a lot of fun at the ‘Multiplication Station’ this week. We had to choose how many passengers to put in our train carriages (the same number in each carriage), then write a multiplication calculation to match. Mrs Vernon-Smith, the ‘fat-controller’, had to quality check the trains and if she was happy then she would send them off from the station. For each coloured train we correctly despatched, we got a corresponding sticker on our badge. Adam said ‘This is so much fun!’

In circle time this week we built a ‘kindness web’. Mrs Aston started with the string and said something kind about another child in the circle. She then passed them the string. They had to then say something kind about someone else and pass them the string. We were good at being really kind!


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